Sunday, August 5, 2012

Altered Matchboxes

I have been making and selling altered matchboxes for years now. I have had few of them in my shop due to the fact the I can be a bit of a negligent photographer. Today is the first day that I have begun posting some, for real people!!! Here they are,  the first of many I will be listing. Matchbox beauties:

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bloom Market in Fort Langley

Another market coming up and it is going to be fabulous! Have you ever walked the streets of Fort Langley on a sunny day? It feels like you are on holiday. Quaint with unique shops and places to a have a java and to add to the greatness of it all on August 12th Bloom Market will be there! Set in and outside at the historical Fort Langley community hall ther will be artisans, food and music. Not only will Firefly Notes (that's me in the first person) be there my husband Patrick Bahrich will also be there playing music throughout the day inside!

My better half!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Blim Market - July 28th

Excited to be finally doing a market after taking a month off. Funny how 1 month feels like forever when you are used to doing lots of markets! Blim should be fun! It is outdoors this time around at Granville and Robson July 28th from 12-5. I will be under a tent with Kris from:
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wedding Day

Vintage Flat magnet favors. These ones are fairly large.

This design is a newer one. Great American sign language magnets in the word LOVE
A unique wedding favor for the non conventional bride! 

My classic design of custom matchbox wedding favors, been doing these for years and have had a great response.
Ok.... I actually deleted the blog for a few weeks before deciding to undelete it (wow... neat feature for the wishy washy!). Just can't seem to keep up but I will try again.Need to figure out how to make this bog pretty! September is coming and so my kiddies will be off to school thus more time!
As I amp up my wedding promo I am going to post about a couple of my items here. Want to see some more?? Come on over to my etsy site:

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Portobello Market

Firefly Notes (me!) at Portobello West in June.

Ok, so I figure after my last post I would take my own pictures and share them with the world. Discard my fear of craft table photos and go for it.
Here are the pics my iphone army.... here they are
for you all to see and you didn't have to sneak them!
I still haven't figured out blogger so they are all over the map here. The pictures landed and I haven't a clue how to move them around. Damn I wish I knew how to make my blog look pretty!!

Portobello West. My first one and I loved it! Was next to a really nice lady selling chainmail jewelery: . We chatted all day and watched people come and go. Such a beautiful venue really, the Rocky Mountaineer train station. Lots of old exposed brick and very high ceilings. Tons of windows to let in natural light and fans way up on the roof and uber deluxe bathrooms too (hurray!)! I was very pleased with the response that I received from the Portobello West shoppers (oh yea baby!) and look forward to being there again in July!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

To market to market!

I wish I had some snappy pictures from my last market to post on here but alas I do not!! It seems as though others do though as the lady next to me pointed out!! It never occurred to me that people walk by with there I phones and snap pictures of your work to scam ideas!!! When she suggested that this happens to her all the time I must admit I thought that she was totally blowing this way out of proportion and then I watched........

I couldn't help feel a bit paranoid as I watched folks cruise up and look like they were texting over top of my goods! Could this be true?? Will that lechery little lady with the iphone be making my style of cards at the next market? Do I have any right to be pissed (the vendor next to me flat out got angry at folks standing next to her table with an I phone). Do I call them on it?? I dunno but it gives me some food for thought. Rude I say!

Incidentally I am at Portobello West for the first time (at that market) this coming Sunday June 27th from 12-6pm. I am really looking forward to it. Come on down and say Hi but LEAVE YOUR IPHONES AT HOME!! ha!!
MUAH! xo

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My 2010 Craft Fairs

I think that I am posting this mostly to wrap my brain around all of the craft fairs I booked myself into. I need to see them laid out before my eyes. I think I am crazy.....
April 25th - Blim Monthly Market @ the Van Heritage Hall, Main and 15th from11-4

May 2nd- Got Craft @ Royal Canadian Legion 2205 Commercial Dr @6th 10am-5 pm

May 23rd -Blim Market again, Vancouver Heritage Hall Main and 15th 11-4

June 20th- Blim Market Car Free Day (details to come)
June 27th- Portobello Market
July 1st- Steveston Salmon Festival @ the Steveston Community center gym 10am-5 pm
July 24th- Homeybee festival 7480- 176st St. Surrey BC
July 25th- Portobello Market

August 29th- Portobello Market

Sept & October off! to prepare for ....

Christmas markets!!

Cant believe that I have to think this far in advance....